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K-9 Maulings

Physical contact between a police dog under the control of its handler, and a civilian, is a use of force by the handler.

K-9 units are an effective tool of law enforcement with the ability to sniff out drugs, bombs, and dangerous suspects hiding in buildings. Contact between a police dog and a civilian must be reasonable under the circumstances. If not, it will likely be considered excessive use of force by the police officer or deputy sheriff handler. Because the bite of a police dog punctures and tears flesh, and at times damages bone in the process, it's imperative that dog handlers are thoroughly trained. The force they unleash is capable of inflicting painful, disfiguring, and often disabling physical injuries, severe emotional injuries, and even death.

Time is of the essence as there are statutes of limitations applicable to the filing of civil claims against governmental agencies, such as Cities and their Police Departments, Counties and their Sheriffs' Departments and employees. A Governmental Claim and/or lawsuit must be timely filed. If not you will forever lose your ability to seek justice in a court of law. It is important that you consult as soon as possible with an attorney who understands this complex area of the law, who can review issues of liability with you, and make recommendations on the best course of action you can follow.

When relating the events surrounding your injury to us please include where possible the identity and contact information of all potential witnesses, and whether there is video footage and photographs taken during the incident.

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