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Unlawful seizure, battery - Settled $88,750

Galindo v County of San Bernardino et. al.

$88,750 settlement. Unlawful seizure, Battery, Defamation, Cal. Civ. Code §52.1.

A lawsuit was filed in Federal Court (Riverside) under 42 U.S.C. § 1983, claiming a violation of his constitutional civil rights protected under the 4th Amendments of the Constitution.

The lawsuit included Federal Claims for Unlawful Seizure, and State of California claims for Battery, Defamation, and a claim under the Bane Act (California Civil Code § 52.1).

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Mervyn S. Lazarus has for over twenty-five years obtained great results for his clients in civil rights lawsuits, one case at a time. Mervyn litigates in both Federal and State Courts on behalf of victims whose Constitutional Rights were violated by law enforcement officers.

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